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Create smart, energy efficient buildings

carbonTRACK enables 'behind the meter' visibility into your clients' energy environment and can quickly, in real time, demonstrate the positive impact of the initiatives you implemented. Your clients will enjoy advanced remote control of their energy set up and connected equipment via the carbonTRACK App or User Interface. You can use carbonTRACK's Fleet Management facility to manage all your clients on an aggregated or disaggregated view. You'll be able to set alarms, multiple schedules and control multiple client sites using one platform.

Differentiate your portfolio

Energy management for homeowners and tenants is a unique selling point. With carbonTRACK, your customers can monitor and remotely control their energy usage using pre-set switching schedules or in-App control of appliances and energy sources (grid, solar or battery) from their smartphones. carbonTRACK also works with Google Home for a complete home automation experience. The associated energy savings and the convenience of automating the home will help your properties stand out.


Single or multi-homes

carbonTRACK is available at a price point that makes commercial sense for both single or multi-dwellings. It facilitates embedded networks and connects to a wide range of sensor technology.

Turn houses into smart homes

Energy management for homeowners and tenants is a unique selling point. carbonTRACK's integrated
energy management and home automation technology will ensure that your developments are future- ready.

De-mystify PV Solar

Already including solar or battery storage in your developments? Thinking about doing it? carbonTRACK de-mystifies solar. It helps customers maximise returns on their solar investment by helping them to maximise their self-consumption. The carbonTRACK App displays a home’s energy use and profile in a simple and efficient way. Including the electricity they use from the grid, the energy they generate (their solar umbrella) and if they have a battery, the state of charge. Critically, the home or business owner can act on this information. Automating their solar self-consumption with carbonTRACK algorithms and hierarchical switching or controlling it directly through the app.