Electricity Retailers

Build customer relationships that last, reduce 'churn'

Energy consumers want greater transparency, greener alternatives and want to know that they are getting 'a good deal'. carbonTRACK provides detailed usage data and advanced remote control of a building's energy set up. Leverage these tools to better connect with your customers and create innovative and sustainable energy solutions including offering them home automation.

Engage and build trust

Shift the frequency of customer engagement to daily interactions. carbonTRACK empowers homes and businesses to see and control their energy use, through the user-friendly App or UI. The system also provides regular reports, helping customers take corrective action if required and avoid bill shock. Innovate your offer to include remote control and automation whilst also gaining demand response capability.


Innovate and lead towards a
world where supply equals

carbonTRACK facilitates an energy ecosystem where energy supply and demand are more closely aligned. A world where you can effectively manage customer incentives for demand response. carbonTRACK's co-ordinated response capability makes this possible by delivering embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants, facilitating smart grids and supporting an 'Open Ledger'.

Shape the future of energy

Help create a world where energy is shared, supply and demand are more
closely aligned and blackouts are a thing of the past.

Influence and reward positive behaviour

Establish a Demand Response program and execute it with confidence. carbonTRACK can foresee a Peak Load event as it uses its 'pre-real-time' algorithms to displace loads from the grid or shift them to an alternate source. The platform manages consumer incentives for reduced energy use during peak demand. It reduces demand by switching off non-essential loads and/or discharging available batteries to increase supply.


Protect and improve your bottom line

Better predict customer demand and make smarter energy buying decisions. carbonTRACK combines actual usage tracking, with sophisticated algorithms and external data sources, such as weather forecasts and multiple tariffs, to predict an energy user's demand. Imagine the demand response capability you will have and the 'stickiness' with your customers, as they use the solution daily as part of their lifestyle.